Mt.Kita writes 北岳 in Kanji.
北岳 is pronounced as kitadake. This mountain means the north mountain.
But the place is the Southern Alps.
Mt.Kita is located in the northern part of the Southern Alps.

Mt.Kita is the second highest mountain in Japan.
However, many Japanese people don’t know this.
It is because it exists deep in the mountain.
Mt.Kita has a height of 3193m, but it can not be seen very much from the city.
Besides, many high mountains are the mark of prefectural border.
But, it isn’t.

Don’t you think it’s mysterious?
Mr. Kyuya Fukada said, “Have a humble and high dignity.”

That’s exactly right.

It is a humble mountain, but it is a dignified mountain.
I do not have the vocabulary to honor Mt.Kita.

The first time I witnessed Mt.Kita was from 鳳凰三山.
This is the picture at that time.


I was in love at first sight.
At that time it was a very hot day in July, but it was a beauty to forget the severe heat.

I climbed it in September of that year.
The people who climbed to Mt.Kita all said, “It’s a tough mountain.”
So I thought I was ready for my heart.
I climbed on a two-day schedule.
The first day was raining when I was climbing.
It was not heavy rain but it was cold.
I wanted to go home.

But the mountain smiled that afternoon.
The morning weather was like a lie.

I really appreciated everything.



I visited the top on the second day, and I could see Mt.Fuji in the sea of ​​clouds from the top.


I would like to climb every season if possible.
Mt.Kita is one of my favorite mountains.
try climbing by all means.



北岳 2018/09/22-23